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April 24, 2017

Get ready to sell!

How Can You Prepare Your Home for the Market?

Today we are excited to talk about the things that you can do, as a home seller, to get your home ready to sell for top dollar in our market.We know the things that you need to do and the things you don’t need to do, so let’s get to it. 

If you want top dollar for your home sale, you’ve got to make a good impression. The very first impression a buyer has on your home is when they drive up, so your home has to have great curb appeal to draw them in. This means making sure the landscaping is neat and trimmed, the front door is all clean, and everything else is tidy and in order. Your home’s curb appeal is an indicator of what’s to come on the inside. 

When the buyer steps inside your home, the biggest thing you want to do is make sure the home is not cluttered. The way we live in a home and the way we want it to show for sale are two different things. You want to take down all the personal photos, knick knacks, and collections, so people can focus on the property as opposed to what’s in it.  

A lot of people ask us if they need to hire a stager for the property. Luckily, we have a certified stager on our team! We can tell you how to get your home in tip-top shape. In some cases, that may involve spending a little money, but in most cases, it's not necessary. 

If you have any questions for us or just want some more home preparation advice, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!


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April 17, 2017

Preparing for sale

What’s the Best Way to Prepare Your Home for Sale?

Today we are excited to share with you a few tips on how to survive living in your home for sale. By following these tips, you should be just fine when it comes time to show your home, and you’ll be able to tidy everything up in a flash. Here are some of our best tips for getting your home ready:

Start packing now: The secret to getting a house clutter-free is removing the things you can live without from the home while it is still on the market. 

Store it, chuck it, sell it, or donate it: Work on decluttering your home by donating and/or throwing away things you don’t need, and putting other personal items into storage. Buyers will appreciate the extra room you open up in the house by doing this.

Get the home squeaky clean: Neglecting to do a thorough, deep cleaning on your home before you list could end up costing you thousands. Hire the job out if you need to, but make sure your home is 5-star hotel perfect when it comes time for people to tour it.

Protect your privacy and safety: With so many strangers walking through your house, people are going to look through your drawers and your closets, so lock up and put away any valuables you have or items you do not want people going through.

Involve your kids in the process: Challenge your kids to help them clean up their rooms or their toys. Make it a game; you’d be surprised at how competitive the kids will be, especially if a reward is involved.

If you have any questions for us, or want some more tips on getting your home ready for sale, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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April 7, 2017

Don't Ignore the Selling Power an Open House Brings

For many, many years I didn't really believe in open houses as a selling tool. I primarily believed that they were simply for agents to recruit potential buyers. The likelihood of someone coming in and deciding to buy a home during an open house is not super high.

However, there are some factors that can make an open house worthwhile. If your home is in a desirable and high-traffic location, I think an open house can work very well.

I recently did an open house on a property that had 20 showings but received no offers. When I conducted an open house I got 3-5 people to come through, but 2 of those people absolutely loved the home and we got multiple offers and were able to sell the home above list price.

Given the right circumstances, open houses can help. If you live far away from town or are in a place that's not convenient, I would suggest going another route. People like the convenience that comes from an open house which is why it works in high-traffic areas.

If you have any questions or concerns about this issue please don't hesitate to contact me!


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March 31, 2017

Worried about not selling your home?

What Will Cause Your Southeast Michigan Home Sale to Fall Through?

Today we are excited to be talking about the major mistakes that you can make that will screw up the sale of your home. I’m going to give you four of the most common ones today, so hopefully you will be able to avoid them in the future. They are:

1.  Selling FSBO

Trying to sell your home on your own is admirable, but just doesn’t make sense. There are so many things to take into account when selling a home, not to mention the fact that most FSBO homes end up listing with an agent eventually anyways. Why waste the energy, time and frustration of doing it yourself, when you could just hire a professional to get the job done for a reasonable price and make sure your home sells for top dollar.

2. Mis-pricing your home

Incorrectly pricing your home can be a big problem. Price it too high, and you’ll get no showings or offers until you reduce it. If you underprice your home, you may get too many offers to keep track of, and it may be hard to sell for top dollar. A good agent can come in and help you price your home correctly for top dollar.

3. Using lousy photos

We’ve all seen them online, the weird sideways pictures with bad lighting, and clutter in the background. Nothing turns off potential buyers more than bad online photographs. You need to have a professional photographer take pictures that tell the real story of your home, that’s what will attract people to your home online.

4. Ignoring the backyard and landscaping

Oftentimes, people will make a decision on whether they like a home or not in the first 15 seconds of seeing the property. Having nice landscaping will help quell buyers' fears. Don’t ignore the backyard though, that’s an easy way to turn buyers off as well.

There you have it, the four major mistakes that will screw up your home sale. If you are thinking of buying or selling soon, give me a call or send us an email. We’d love the opportunity to interview for the job, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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